I live in Fresno with my incredible wife Leslie, and our two wonderful children – Jack and Merrill. We’re accompanied by our two dogs; a Pit-Something-or-Other bundle of electricity, love, and affection named Scout and a Labrador-Doesn’t-Retriever-Anything-Mutt named Kona whose idea of a good time is a long nap before a good night’s sleep.

I’m a lover of coffee, whiskey, and tacos on a level that some might call…obsessive. I think it’s totally normal. So there.

I can grow a nine-month beard in 9 weeks.

I can be wildly sarcastic and I have a quick sense of humor that makes me a fast maker of friends. This is important because we’re going to be together a lot, but you’re going to laugh, we’re going to have fun, your friends are going to be my friends, and your parents are going to love me. Because of all that, it’s going to be no big thing that I’m standing right there with a camera for all those moments happening all around you – from the quiet and intimate to those that are loud, brash, and full of joy.

I quit my last “real” job about a month after my son was born in 2004 to pursue photography as a career. It’s been a wild ride that started with the idea that I would be a landscape photographer, but quickly through the twists and turns of fate that are the nature of life, I went all-in on wedding and family photography. Now, more than 330 weddings and 500 or so family portrait sessions later, I can’t say I would have changed a single thing. Being present to document the big milestones and smaller meaningful moments of hundreds of families fills me with gratitude every day. I look forward to meeting you!