Andrea and Jason | Foothill Engagement Session | Fresno, CA

The landscape just outside of Fresno is one of the most beautiful terrains I've seen anywhere. The beautiful rolling hills, majestic oak trees, lush grasses, and craggy granite outcroppings. It's a gorgeous location for an engagement session with such a great variety of form, color and texture. Andrea just got married a couple weeks ago, and their wedding post is coming very soon, but I though it was time I showed a handful of my favorites from their session.

Vicki and Evan | Glacier Point Engagement Session | Yosemite National Park

This is an early morning engagement session from Glacier Point in Yosemite National Park. Pretty much the only way to shoot a session in the summer is to get their early and on a Monday. It's a truly magical location and Vicki and Even were super relaxed and ready to have fun. After shooting for a while at Glacier Point, we headed down to Yosemite Valley to finish the session in the forest and meadows found all over the valley floor.

Jordan and Nick | Ranch Engagement Session | Los Banos, CA

I travel a lot around the country and invariably meet new people who ask where I’m from. When I tell them California, their eyes glaze over and I can see the images of oceans and beaches, and mountains and trees that flash across their minds. I stop them and try to explain, that no, where I’m from is actually more like Texas than whatever they’re imagining right now but they never seem to quite believe me. California’s a big state, and in the middle of it is the biggest bit of farmland around and this post is for all those people that think it’s all beaches, tans, trees, and tech. I’ve photographed several weddings in Nick’s family, with a couple more coming

Melissa and Greg | Urban Engagement Session | Fresno, CA

I'm really excited about Greg and Melissa's wedding coming up on Saturday. They're going to have a ceremony on Beetle Rock in Sequoia National Park - my first time photographing a wedding in that amazing park! After countless weddings in Yosemite, it's going to be great to experience a new one. And to top all of that off, these two are ridiculously fun to hang with. All smiles and good times. Enjoy.


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