I travel a lot around the country and invariably meet new people who ask where I’m from. When I tell them California, their eyes glaze over and I can see the images of oceans and beaches, and mountains and trees that flash across their minds. I stop them and try to explain, that no, where I’m from is actually more like Texas than whatever they’re imagining right now but they never seem to quite believe me. California’s a big state, and in the middle of it is the biggest bit of farmland around and this post is for all those people that think it’s all beaches, tans, trees, and tech.

I’ve photographed several weddings in Nick’s family, with a couple more coming up later this year, and I couldn’t be more excited about it. I’m looking forward to hanging out with the good people of Dos Palos, Chowchilla, and Los Banos once again (and those from Fresno as well). This session was photographed on Nick’s ranch, featuring T-Rex one of his roping horses, a rusted out International truck, a future almond orchard that’s just a beautiful green canvas now, the moon, and a glorious old windmill. Enjoy.