Couple walks through tall grass on a hillside lit by the setting sun
A couple snuggles during an engagement session portrait
Black and white portrait of a bride and groom kissing
Groom kisses his bride as she leans on a rock during an engagement session
A couple of man and woman as the woman nuzzles the man's cheek
Man and woman snuggle in the setting sun
Portrait of a man and woman during their engagement session sitting on a rock
Black and white picture of a couple walking down a hillside laughing
Couple gazes into each other's eyes as the setting sun flares behind them.
Couple on a hilltop framed by large oak trees at sunset

Spring is here so we headed up into the foothills for Sara and Ross’ engagement session. It’s still a little early, and we didn’t get any winter rains, so the flowers and green grasses aren’t up, but that didn’t stop us from making some great pictures.