How much does a session cost?

Portrait sessions are offered in three flavors. The most basic session offered is a mini session at one of my Portrait Events. These events take place a couple times a year and offer a mini-session (about 20 minutes) for $50. Your second option is the Standard Family Session that lasts about an hour. The session fee for the Standard Sessions is $150.  The third option, and my personal favorite, is the Slice of Life Session. This session lasts several hours and I tag along with your family on a day of adventure and fun. These are the most real images you will see of your family. Ever. Imagine all those moments, interactions, and personalities immortalized forever – like the snapshots you take, but supercharged, and there’s no one missing from the action because they’re behind the camera. This session costs $1500 and includes a custom designed album of images from the day.

Which session should I choose?

That depends on your goal for the session. If you’re simply refreshing the portraits you had taken recently, looking for a holiday card, or wanting just a small selection of prints, then a Portrait Event Mini-Session is perfect. They’re offered at least two times a year, once in the fall and once in the spring.

If you’re looking for a full session with a lot of variety then the Standard Family Session is a great choice. These sessions last about an hour which gives us plenty of time to create a great collection of fun images of your family interacting and playing as well as some great casual posed portraits.

Now if you want something truly unique, then the Slice of Life Session is the way to go – especially if you have younger children. I hang with your family for several hours and photograph all the mad fun, the meltdowns, the messy snacks, and the unbelievable experience of being a part of your family. The possibilities are endless for this session. In the end, this session is distilled into a custom designed album documenting the day. This is the kind of heirloom that will be priceless in future years.

We’ve chosen the Standard Session, what location should we use?

Generally, the first thing out of my mouth is going to be “Your home.” This is the most meaningful location I can imagine using to create a family’s portrait. You don’t have to worry about how it looks. It’s my job to create beautiful images in any environment. I’ve shot in fancy houses, old run-down houses, and houses undergoing full remodels and they can all look great. Now if you just don’t believe me, that’s cool, we can go elsewhere too. I know some really great places around town that take advantage of the colors, textures and lines of the city and I know some great places tucked away just outside of town that make a nice backdrop for more “natural” settings. We can also get out of town to a favorite spot that your family likes to visit. Sometimes there’s an added charge for the more distant locations, but let’s talk about it!

Do you provide the digital files, the “disk”?

The color-corrected, high-resolution files are available for purchase as individual files or as part of certain print collections. On request I also include web-resolution files (not printable), displaying a discreet watermark, of any image ordered as a print for sharing via email or on facebook.