After 10 years of running a successful photography studio, and the preceding 10 years working in sales and sales training-positions, I’m bringing the entirety of my 20 years of knowledge and experience to a select group of photographers that are ready to turn their art and their passion into a highly successful business. A business built on the principle that providing an outstanding level of service and care to your client is the best path to profitability and business longevity.

This will be an intensive, jam-packed, 2 day workshop. We will explore every aspect of building a portrait business from getting clients, to establishing pricing and product mix, to presenting and selling your images via in-person sales, to delivering the finished product. For those that only shoot weddings and engagements, this is easily adapted to your business and can help you make engagement sessions a strong profit center as well as help you with post-wedding sales. The only thing we won’t do is take pictures! Scroll down for a full agenda.

Plus, because a workshop is no good if you don’t implement what you learn, every attendee that registers by 7/24/15 will receive 6 months of monthly, hour long mentoring sessions via Skype and will be eligible for a 25% discount on 6 or 12 month personal mentoring programs to extend their learning further. Ongoing mentoring is incredibly valuable as you navigate the inevitable bumps and challenges along the way. If you choose to take advantage of the special mentoring offer, we will have regular, Skype sessions to go over your struggles, answer your questions, and keep you headed down the right path.

Dates: September 15&16 (Tue & Wed)

Location: Seattle, WA

Cost: $800 for 2 days

Payment schedule: $400 to reserve your spot; remaining $400 due by August 15, 2015

Limited to a maximum of 12 students!

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Full Agenda:

Day 1

All about structuring your business for success

  • Pricing Strategies – Session Fees, Packages, a la Carte Pricing
  • Product Assortment – Prints, Albums, Frames, Hot Items
  • Profitability – Profit is more than (price – cost)
  • Marketing and Designing Profitable Promotions

Day 2

Putting it all together

  • Client Communication – Setting Expectations, Consults, Pre-Qualification
  • Shooting Strategy – What sells easily, What fulfills your inner artist
  • Workflow Efficiency – Wasted Time = Wasted Profit
  • In Person Sales – The Key to it All!

The daily schedule will run from 9am to approximately 6pm, but there is no hard end time to our days. We will get started about 9am, break for lunch about 1pm and go as late as we need to to make sure we cover everything that needs to be covered. I will have coffee and breakfasty type treats for you in the morning, lunch will be provided as well, and hopefully we’ll be done early enough for you to make your own dinner plans. If we go late though, I’ll buy pizza.