The Hayden Family | Downtown Family Portrait Session | Fresno, CA

This is quite possibly the most fun family portrait session I photographed all of last year. You mix two crazy, nuts, spirited boys with a mom who has totally given in to the fact her boys are what they are, and you get some serious hilarity. Just a ton of boys being boys with a nice little family portrait in the middle. Apparently in this family, when mom says hug your brother, that means knock him down and drag him across the ground. It made the perfect Christmas card! More than anything, I love when I can capture kids this age, acting exactly like kids this age. You only get one chance at it, make it count!

The Tweeds | Foothill Portrait Session | Fresno, CA

I was happy to celebrate the one year anniversary of Jane and Tanner.  They brought along cute little Dexter who helped us create one of my favorite shots of the year - the silhouette image in this set!  It can be super hard to get a dog to cooperate that well to get a perfect profile but, he was a total pro! I was really excited to capture it and I hope you enjoy the images from the session.  

The Jaurigue Family | Vineyard Family Portrait Session | Fresno, CA

Mark took a drive south to hang out with the Jaurigue family at their home.  They got to meander through the vineyards that have been in Paul's family for generations.  It's really neat to look at these images and know that someday little Manny will have these memories of growing up on the farm! Manny is a super-cute kid (as you can see) and the Fogartys were a bunch of fun for Mark to hang out with: laid-back and easy going! Enjoy some of our favorites from the day! (LJ)   FEATURED FAMILY SESSIONS

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