Michelle and Rhett | Mission San Miguel Wedding | Paso Robles, CA

Michelle is the 3rd, and last, of the Goodman siblings to get married and she decided to go large to finish it all off! This is the first of their TWO weddings from a few months ago. It was so great to see and reconnect with a family I have gotten to know over the past 7+ years and many weddings starting with her brother's wedding, her sister and cousin's wedding from last year, and another cousin a few years before that. This was a simple, intimate ceremony with family and closest of friends at the Mission San Miguel in Paso Robles, CA. They saved the big blowout for the next day at the Allegretto Resort which will be coming

Andrea and Jason | Wedding from Copper River Country Club | Fresno, CA

So if you plan a wedding, outside, in August, you know you're rolling the dice with the weather and Andrea and Jason rolled "super hot"! That was totally okay though, cause they were as hot as the day, and no one let any of it get in their way. The vineyard looked amazing, the expressions and moments were coming from every direction, and it was a fantastic day. Enjoy a few of my favorites...

Kelsey and Cameron | Wolf Lakes and Pilgrim Armenian Wedding | Fresno, CA

Kelsey and Cameron were married in a ceremony at Pilgrim Armenian Church followed by a reception at the ever beautiful Wolf Lakes Park in Sanger, CA. Every detail was perfect carried out by the wonderful Cassandra of Weddings by Cassandra. It was a special day to work with so many people so totally present and engaged throughout the day in a setting that couldn't have been more beautiful.

Britta and Adam | Winchester Mystery House Wedding | San Jose, CA

So it turns out that they have weddings at the Winchester Mystery House! When I got the first email from Britta, I was immediately transported back to being 10 years old and taking a tour of that bizarre piece of Victorian architecture with my family. All sorts of wacky stuff went through my head, but in the end all the wackiness was provided by Britta and Adam. As a photographer, there's nothing better than a subject with an expressive face and a great sense of humor and these two had it in spades. Any day is a good day when you can spend it laughing regardless of what comes your way!

Hayley and Jay | Copper River Country Club Wedding | Fresno, CA

What started out looking like a rainy day, ended up being a gorgeous day at Copper River Country Club. Hayley was looking amazing in her custom dress and Jay was looking dapper. So many beautiful details and emotional moments all around, all day. To finish it all off was a wild dance floor and live band to bring it all home. The lighting from the stage was some of the funnest light I've had to work with - I loved playing with it and the added dimension to the dance party! Enjoy a few of my favorites from the day. FEATURED WEDDINGS

Jenna and Austin | Panoche Creek Wedding | Fresno, CA

Jenna, Austin, their 2 dogs and a 100 some odd friends and family brought the bling to Panoche Creek on a beautiful spring day. The river's waters were still running high, but everything on site was beautifully lush and green and Cassandra's great skill as a planner (Weddings by Cassandra) brought everything together. Jenna was looking fantastic in her gown and her puppy was adorable ball of fur! Enjoy of few of my favorites from their wedding.

Laura and Brad | Majestic Yosemite Hotel Wedding | Yosemite National Park

Laura and Brad were married on the side patio at the Majestic Yosemite Hotel (formerly The Ahwahnee Hotel). I'm regularly asked "what do we do if it rains?", and this wedding answers the question splendidly! Can you tell it was raining? The park is a beautiful place in all weather and a little rain is easy to manage and the pictures take on a whole different quality. Of course your ceremony probably won't happen on the lawn, but the side patios at the Ahwahnee are impressive settings for a wedding in any case. I love the way the light comes into the space and highlights the group and the rocks in the architecture - it's a beautiful spot! Enjoy a

Mandi and Ryan | St Paul Armenian Wedding | Fresno, CA

Mandi and Ryan were married just a few weeks ago on a beautiful, early fall day. The high point had to be Mandi getting ready in her grandmother's home. It was an amazing time capsule, I don't think the selection of vintage decor could be done better if one tried. The rest of the day was relaxed and I had a great time hanging out with the two of them. I get asked frequently if I ever photograph weddings in churches, well yes I do, here you go...enjoy!

Taylor and Connor | Wolf Lakes Wedding | Sanger, CA

This wedding comes to you from the ever beautiful Wolf Lakes Park outside Fresno, CA. As gorgeous as it is, it takes on an extra special quality when the impressive surroundings mix with a truly special couple and their friends and families. Taylor and Connor are two of the most warm-hearted people I have had the pleasure of working with, and it really shows in these images. I loved working with them, and I hope you enjoy the results.