Heather and Andy | A Yosemite Wedding from the Historic Chapel and Ahwahnee Hotel

Heather called me just a few short months ago to ask me about shooting her wedding in Yosemite. Of course I nearly leapt out of my chair at the chance. I've been going to Yosemite frequently since I was a young child. Many of the earliest photographs I ever made were in the park, so the prospect of shooting weddings there gets me all kinds of excited. I've photographed a few weddings in Yosemite Valley and I look forward to shooting many more Yosemite weddings. Below are a few of my favorites from Heather and Andy's wedding from the historic chapel in Yosemite Valley and their reception in the beautiful Mural Room in the old Ahwahnee Hotel - and of course many

Lynne-Dee and Brian | A Yosemite Wedding at the Ahwahnee Hotel

This is going to be a HUGE post, find a computer with a fast internet connection!  Lynne-Dee and Brian were married in an intimate ceremony on the Wedding Lawn at the stunning Ahwahnee Hotel in Yosemite National Park.  One of the great benefits of being a wedding photographer in the Fresno area is that Yosemite is right in my backyard.  I've only had the opportunity to shoot a few weddings in Yosemite, but I have several booked in the future so I'm stoked that that looks like it's changing!

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