It’s probably not the most manly thing to admit, but I get all kinds of excited when I have a wedding to photograph.  On your wedding day, it’s like I’m on a swivel trying to grab every little bit of it that I can fit onto those tiny little memory cards loaded in my cameras.  And when it’s all said and done, and you’re on your honeymoon, and I’m here sitting at my computer going through all those memories, little and big, there’s always that moment when I realize that I have a big old, stupid grin on my face, that I know I did right.

Give me a call, click the “inquire” link down below, get in touch however you like and let’s talk about your wedding.  I’m looking forward to looking at the images from your wedding with that big stupid grin on my face and watching your faces light up as you relieve that amazing day through my photographs.