I don’t want to sound like a broken record, so I’m not going to mention how scorching hot it was on this day and we’ll just pretend it was about 80 degrees and perfect! I can totally get away with that because Jillian and John looked perfect in all their wedding pictures so you’d never know anyway! I had so much fun shooting this wedding, the kids at this one were so awesome – including Jillian’s little man Jackson, the dancing pictures were epic, and there were so many great moments all around. I got to revisit St Peter’s Catholic Church in Lemoore, a great church for a wedding, and I had my first chance to photograph a wedding at Kings Country Club. Kings Country Club was a fantastic venue, a great location for wedding photography, and as a summertime plus, they have outstanding air conditioners in the clubhouse. I wanted to thank my friend James Collier for coming out and helping me a bit too. I’ve been learnin’ him on the ways of the wedding photographer and he’s been getting pretty good at it. Several of his images are in the slideshow here, and his take was a nice addition.

A special shout out to a couple of my favorite people to work with – Shelli Armstrong did the wedding planning and decor, and Ray from Reverie Video Productions made a sweet wedding video of the day. If you’re looking for a wedding planner or wedding videographer, definitely check out both of them!