One of the pleasures of being a wedding photographer in Fresno is those extra special, early summer, rogue heat waves that show up every year before we’re used to 100+ degree days. And by pleasure I mean pain, haha! This was one of those weddings. It was so hot that the local news even visited the rehearsal the day before their wedding because it was forecast to hit 108, 110 – something crazy whatever it was. I loved that Lacie and Chris didn’t let the heat phase them at all. Of course the reception was a dressed down affair, but their spirits were riding high all day and the moments were fantastic all around. And as a message to all those brides with summer weddings, worried about a super hot day, just look at these two. They look radiant, happy, and fantastic – you’d never know that we set a high temp record that day (broke something like an 80 year old record). A special thanks to Nick Gennock who came out and shot with me. I usually shoot alone, but every once in a while I have a talented friend come out and help me out a bit and he’s got a couple images in the slideshow. Enjoy my favorites from the day!