You had to know that a family who’s business is hosting parties would totally know how to throw great party, and Jeff and Lauren Pardini’s wedding rose fully to that expectation. I love photographing and hanging out with a bunch of enthusiastic people, totally enjoying a wedding day. It makes being a wedding photographer just about the best job in the world! St. Therese was beautiful as always, looking grand and elegant, and the newly remodeled Pardini’s looked fantastic. The Pardini family has done a great job with all the renovations and it looks like a totally new space. Cassandra from Weddings by Cassandra was the wedding planner, and she did a phenomenal job as she always does executing the vision of the day and making sure that everything flowed without any issue. A special shout out to James Collier who very ably assisted me, handling the shooting duties at the groom’s home before the ceremony and contributing several images throughout the day. Take a few minutes and enjoy a few of my favorite photographs from the wedding day.