On it’s surface, natural light seems like it’s the easier light to use, but truly mastering it is one of the hardest obstacles to becoming a great photographer. This class aims to leave you fully versed in all the considerations to be taken to use any natural light to its fullest potential. Any light can be “great light” if you know what to do with it. Mark will draw on his 25+ years of serious shooting, the last 8 years as a full time wedding and portrait photographer, to teach you the fundamental concepts of shooting with natural light to create dramatic, striking, and beautiful images – all without using any additional reflectors, scrims or other modifiers. Whether you are serious hobbyist wanting to make more beautiful images of your family, a newer professional, or even a more established photographer looking to refine your work, there will be lots of opportunity to learn!

Class starts in the morning at Mark’s studio reviewing images, covering lighting theory, talking about using light and shadow as a compositional element, as well as going over the color correction techniques needed to make your natural light images truly sing.

Then we eat! Mark will provide a tasty lunch to keep us going!

After lunch we head out into the field to one of Mark’s favorite downtown locations to search for, find, and work with different types of natural light. Mark will do some shooting on site showing you how to use the techniques covered in the morning. You can bring your camera if you’d like to document some techniques, but this isn’t primarily a “shooting workshop”.

To wrap it all up, we’ll then head up to Woodward Park to explore techniques specific to shooting in a more natural location. Again, Mark will shoot and you’re welcome to shoot too to document the different scenarios.

*Bonus Session* 

If you’re up for it, after the Woodward Park session, anyone interested can return to the studio for portfolio reviews. This is your opportunity to have your worked critiqued by Mark. Now don’t worry, while some critique can be hard to hear, it’s given with love and in the hope and intent of making you a better photographer. Everyone can learn from everyone else and this is an outstanding opportunity to see where your own work can improve. If you wish to attend this session, you must provide a portfolio for critique. No fair sitting and listening in on other’s critiques without putting your work out there as well. We’ll go as late as we need to to get through everyone!

Class time will run from 10am to 6pm with the Bonus Session following at approximately 6:30 until we’re finished.

The early-bird cost for the workshop is $325 if you sign-up before 9/30/12; after 10/1/12 it goes up to $375. The class size will be limited, so don’t delay. Take advantage of the special pricing and reserve your space now!