Family portrait in redwood forest
Brother and sister sitting on a rock hugging during an outdoor family portrait session
Informal family portrait under a large oak tree in the Sierra Foothills
Family posing for a portrait on a fallen log in a forest at the edge of a mountain meadow
Family poses at the edge of a meadow in front of El Capitan in Yosemite National Park with a butterfly flying through the frame
Two boys laughing during a family portrait session in the mountains
Four French Bulldogs pose for a picture with their owners in the background
family poses for a portrait among large oak trees on a grassy hillside in the Sierra Foothills
young girls poses for a picture with a big smile
Family poses for a family portrait on a large granite rock in the middle of a creek
Family walking through a mountain meadow for a portrait session
Dad swings around is daughter in a golden grassy meadow with the rest of the family in the background
Family of three with toddler standing in tall green grass under an oak tree
Mother and father kissing their children on a granite outcropping next to a large manzanita bush with Sierra foothills in the distance.
boy in a suit coat and whimsical look standing in a glowing golden meadow in the mountains
Mother and daughter laughing and squirming on a granite rock
Young girl peeking through a hole in a large leaf
Large golden fuzzy dog in a golden grass field
Family of four on a river bank in Yosemite with Yosemite Falls in the background
Multi-racial family cuddles and laughs on a ranch fence with foothills and windmill in the background
Multi-racial family of four cuddles and laughs on a fallen tree in a mountain meadow
Family in sweaters in a golden grassy field
Mother and father cuddling their smiling baby in the golden glow of sunset
Brother and sister hug with their mom and dad and baby sibling are in the distant background
Family in a meadow under El Capitan in Yosemite National Park
Brother and sister holding hands in front of a textured wood door
silhouette of mom and dad tossing their small boys into the air
Family sits on a large granite boulder next to a mountain creek in a forest
Family of five piles on each other in the tall green spring time grass
Young girl spins on a green hillside with large oak tree and dramatic clouds
Teen boy stands and smiles in front of an ivy covered wall
Family with one boy and a large golden retriever sit on a granite rock
Laughing toddler sits among the green grass and yellow wildflowers on a spring foothill hillside
Mother and father hold their newborn while an older child offers them a bottle for the baby
family of 4 in a green meadow light by the low sun
Family of three cuddles on a fallen log at the edge of Tenaya Lake in Yosemite National Park
Girl laughing and dancing next to a purple lupine bush
Bulldog licking his lips with a big pink tongue
Family with teen kids on a golden grassy hill side under an oak tree
Mother and daughter embrace and cuddle among the redwoods in the forest
Laughing young girl in a grassy meadow
Family of four under a large oak with mom and child dancing and dad tossing the youngest into the air
Mother and father looking at their newborn son
Family with a small child walks through Cooks meadow in Yosemite with Half Dome in the background and reflected in a pool of water
family of 4 runs down a hillside with big puffy white clouds in the sky
Girl in flowery long dress sits on old tree stump in mountain meadow
Large dog with a bow tie in a grassy field
Mom dad and two kids sit on their front porch with 3 bulldogs
Young boy in front of a wall with a geometric pattern
Overhead view of a mother and her sleeping newborn
Mother father and daughter walk through a green grassy field holding hands
Family with three children laugh in front of a colorful mosaic wall
Father and daughter laugh in a grassy forest
Mother and father laughing and interacting with their baby on a grassy hillside foothill
Two boys pose with their dog beagle on a concrete step
Boy laughing as he is turned upside down by his dad
silhouette of a family on a hillside under a large oak tree
Mother and father kiss in front of a water fall while their daughter rides on his shoulders
Mother and daughter portrait in a golden foothill hillside
Young family in front of an old white brick building
young girl in a blue dress poses on a granite rock among green grass and yellow wildflowers
Family poses next to a river for a family portrait session in the mountains
Father tosses his daughter in the air in a gymnast move in a redwood forest during a family portrait session
Young boy peers over rail with a cute expression during a family portrait session
Two sisters laugh during their outdoor family portrait session in the mountains
Family sits on a fallen tree for their fall portrait in the mountain forest in Yosemite National Park
Mother with her newborn and toddler posing at home for a portrait session



I just revamped my portrait portfolio this week, realizing I hadn’t touched it since around 2014, and it was so much fun to look through all the sessions for many of you who have come back to me over and over again. Seeing all those kids grow into new whole people – Thank you for giving me the opportunity to document that growth for you!

I’m so grateful to have had you all as clients and I look forward to reconnecting with you as your families grow, age and change!

The Portrait Sale BASE Offer is much like what I’ve done in these sales for years – it’s a great, inexpensive start to a session and it can scale to your needs big or small. It gives you the session, a couple of nice prints, and the opportunity to add to it at a discount. NEW for this year, you’ll also receive the digital file for the image you choose as your large print.

The Portrait Sale PLUS offer goes further and provides the session plus my most popular product at a super discount. The PLUS Offer costs a little more, but it’s all-inclusive and would make a fantastic gift, or a great treat for your own family, with A LOT more included! You get the session, a custom book to have as a printed family heirloom, plus the digital files to make prints for yourself, as gifts, or just to share in all the digital places we spend time in.

To take advantage of this sale, fill out the form below and select your choice of offers. You, or whomever you gift the session to, can use the offer anytime between now and 04/30/25 – over a year and a half to take advantage!

For questions or information about something we didn’t cover here, shoot us an email through our contact page!

Portrait Sale – BASE

Standard Portrait Session
One 16×20 Wall Portrait + Digital file (same image)
One 8×10 Print
10% off additional purchases
$375 value – Save over 45%
Only $195+tax

Portrait Sale – PLUS

Standard Portrait Session
One 8×8 Custom Album featuring 20 images
High Resolution Digital Files for the 20 album images
10% off any additional purchases
$1000 value – Save over 30%
Only $695+tax

The Fine Print

“In-person ordering” after the session is required. Either in your home, or remotely via Zoom.

For families local to Fresno/Clovis, I can come to you with a two monitor set-up we’ll do the ordering session in your home. Or if you prefer, we can do the ordering session remotely via Zoom.

  • In the olden days you’d come to my home studio to view your images and place your order, these days we do it the same way, but you get to stay home and watch on your own screen via Zoom or I come to you.

Weekend availability is limited, weekend sessions take place at pre-determined locations.
Includes travel up to 45 minutes from central Fresno with exceptions for a few, select mountain locations.
Multiple offers can not be combined.
Limit of 6 adults plus their children in group.


    Choose one - BASE Offer $195+tax, PLUS Offer $695+tax
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