It’s hard to find a category that defines what I do.  I don’t think you can pigeon-hole me into one style or another.  My focus is simple.  I want to create images that convey the emotions that exist between two people and those around them.  I look for dynamic expressions of those emotions that truly communicate the depth of feeling between my subjects.  Every wedding and every couple has a unique spirit, and I strive to capture it in still images.  When all those elements come together, I know I have captured the soul of the couple, the family, and the day.

I use different techniques to get these results.  First, I am a photojournalist; seeing and anticipating the events around me and reacting to them.  I try to stay invisible, unobtrusive, in order to capture the real image, not influence it.  Second, I am a portraitist.  There is a place for those “posed” images – The art is in creating posed images that flow, that look natural, that look….well….UN-posed.  Finally, I am an artist.  This is the most important aspect of my style.  I am not content to shoot the same thing, the same way, everytime.  I create images that are unique and special to each couple that I photograph.  My posing style is free and easy, it’s about making you look your best – not stiff.  I ask you to be yourselves, to flirt, to joke, to dance, to love, to kiss, to make sure this is the best day of your life….