Stephanie and Gabriel | Wolf Lakes Engagement Session | Fresno, CA

Stephanie and Gabriel are getting married at Wolf Lakes later this year, and as many couples using the park for their wedding do, they asked to use the park for their engagement session as well. We had to beat a storm that wasn't supposed to be coming but nobody told the wind and clouds - fortunately we made it! We also had a special guest at the session, their adorable little Pomeranian!

Catherine and Hawk – Engagement Session from the Ranch

Catherine and Hawk booked me for their wedding coming up in October in Oakhurst a few weeks ago and asked me if it was okay if we included some of their animals in their engagement session.  "Sure" I said, "What kind of animals are we talking about?".  They replied "Oh, a couple dogs, some sheep, horses, a zebra...".  "Huh?  Did you say zebra?  You totally should have lead with that!"  So here it is, a very cool couple and a bunch of the most laid back, cool animals I've met - except for the goat that head-butted me in the rear and gave me attitude - see him in image 9. :)