Mandi and Ryan | St Paul Armenian Wedding | Fresno, CA

Mandi and Ryan were married just a few weeks ago on a beautiful, early fall day. The high point had to be Mandi getting ready in her grandmother's home. It was an amazing time capsule, I don't think the selection of vintage decor could be done better if one tried. The rest of the day was relaxed and I had a great time hanging out with the two of them. I get asked frequently if I ever photograph weddings in churches, well yes I do, here you go...enjoy!

Natalie and Curtis | Holy Trinity and Banker’s Ballroom Wedding | Fresno, CA

Sometimes you get a couple with so much spirit and energy that the whole day, as busy and intense as it can be, doesn't even seem like work - not even a little bit. Natalie, Curtis, their friends and especially their family were a joy to spend the day with. So much energy, love and excitement surrounded everything about the day. It was a tough challenge to narrow down all the great images for this post. Take a few minutes and enjoy this snapshot of their wedding day.