black and white portrait of a bride and groom at Taft Point
Portrait of a bride in El Capitan meadow
Portrait of a bride and groom in El Capitan Meadow
Portrait of a bride and groom in El Capitan Meadow
Portrait of a bride and groom in El Capitan Meadow
Portrait of bride and groom at Glacier Point where they seem to float over the valley across from Half Dome and Nevada Falls
Groom pinning a boutonnière on a groomsman
Kid make a crazy face at a wedding
Bridesmaid adjusts another bridesmaid's flower crown
Bridesmaids wait before walking down the wedding aisle
Bridal party waits for the processional while a man in an orange hat tries to start the music
Bride walks down the aisle during her Glacier Point wedding
Guests gather around the bride and groom during a wedding ceremony at Glacier Point
Bride laughs while reading her vows as a couple looks on during the wedding
Groom smiles as his bride reads her vows during the wedding
Bride placing the ring on the grooms finger while bridesmaids look on
First kiss in front of Half Dome during a Glacier Point wedding
Bride and Groom crushed in a group hug after their wedding ceremony
Everyone is all smiles after the wedding ceremony at Glacier Point
Bride and officiant share a joyful moment after the wedding ceremony
Wedding guests make their way down from Glacier Point
Bride looks back as she hikes down the trail to Taft Point
Bride and her bridesmaids showing off their hiking boots
Groom and his groomsman posing for their boy band portrait
Scene of friends and guests of the bride and groom at Taft Point
Black and White portrait of the bride and groom with El Capitan below and in the background
Bride and groom share a moment looking across Yosemite Valley at El Capitan from Taft Point
Viral portrait of bride and groom at Taft Point at sunset in Yosemite National Park
Bride and groom walk up the rocks at Taft Point at sunset

One of my favorite things about weddings in Yosemite is that they are NEVER alike. I get to meet people from all over the world and the only thing in common is their great love for the mountains and the outdoors. Julie and Jeff were no exception. They live in Colorado but had never actually been to Yosemite before the day of their wedding. They gathered 25 of their closest friends, rented an amazing cabin outside the park, and got their first taste of Yosemite about 10 minutes before we met. It was a blast showing them around and capturing the amazing scenes all around us. Then to cap off the day, we headed out to Taft Point with several friends in tow for what’s starting to become one of the most iconic Yosemite portraits. I’m a little sad that one of my secret spaces is becoming so well known (I’ve been going out there for over 25 years), but on the flip-side, DAMN it’s an awe-inspiring sight. Enjoy!