Portrait of bride and groom eyes closed foreheads together
Mother's share a special moment
Bride makes face over coffee while have her hair and makeup done
Friends watch as bride's hair is done
Groom gets emotional reading a card before his wedding
Young boy fixes his hair
Groom strains as he puts on his shoes before the wedding
Everyone waves to the friend on Facetime
Man and boy adjust ties in the mirror
Friend helps groom with his tie before the wedding
Bride smiles as she leaves the hotel room in her dress
Bride and friend share a quiet moment before the wedding ceremony
Bride's mother nuzzles her daughter while dad watches and smiles before the wedding
Father of the bride holds her hand in an emotional moment before the ceremony
Bride swallows a glass of champagne before walking down the aisle
Bride and her father walk down the ceremony aisle
Father of the bride gives her a kiss before handing her off to her groom
Groom receives a hug from the father of the bride
Groom smiles at his bride during the wedding ceremony
Bride laughs at groom's joke during their wedding ceremony
Bride wipes away a tear while listening to the goom's vows.
Wide view of a wedding on the deck at the Tenaya Lodge
Bride and groom react with laughter during their wedding ceremony
First kiss between bride and groom
Bride and groom happily walk back down the aisle after their wedding ceremony
A hug for the bride after her wedding ceremony
Groom hugs his friend after the wedding
Everyone smiling and laughing after the wedding ceremony
A flirtatious snuggle during a bride and groom portrait
Dramatic portrait of the bride and groom
Groom kisses the brides forehead in a portrait
Full length bride portrait in the lobby of the Tenaya Lodge
Portrait of the groom in the lobby of the Tenaya Lodge
Bride and groom cuddle during a portrait
Bride and groom smile as they enter their reception
Bride laughs as groom struggles to help her with her chair
Sweet moment as a groom kisses the bride's head as they welcome their guests to the wedding reception
Crowd cheers as the bride and groom have their first dance
Bride and groom steal a tender moment during their reception
Father of the bride gives his daughter a kiss at the end of his toast
Bride wipes away tears after her fathers toast as he hugs her groom
I don't even know what kind of craziness is going on
Groom and friend pretend to kiss while small baby makes a funny face
Bride fakes being angry and pushes a man away from her groom
Bride and groom during their first dance
Bride kisses the groom on the dancefloor
Bride and groom bow to each other during their first dance
Guests dancing during a wedding reception
Guests dancing during a wedding reception
Guests dancing during a wedding reception
Guests dancing during a wedding reception
Guests dancing during a wedding reception
Guests dancing during a wedding reception
Guests dancing during a wedding reception
Bride dances with her father during the wedding reception
Guests dancing during a wedding reception
Guests dancing during a wedding reception
Couple pours champagne down a champagne tower

So snow certainly isn’t unheard of in late April, but when the Sierra is in a prolonged drought, you certainly don’t expect a storm to roll in and dump a foot of new snow, even in the mountains. Fortunately it came through the day before the wedding and they were able to clear the deck so Meghan and Kenan’s outdoor wedding could go off as planned. It did change the portrait plans a bit since no one was really prepared to go trekking through the new snow, so I had the unique challenge to use little pockets of light inside the lodge for the couple’s portrait session. The results are some images that I really love, and are very different than much of what you’ll see from me elsewhere. Aside from having a ridiculously photogenic and expressive couple, there was SO much love in this group. Kenan’s family were from France, spoke little english, and my high school French joined my trigonometry talents long, long ago in the dustbin of forgotten things. That language barrier meant nothing in the end, love is love, and joy is joy, and it translates beautifully. Enjoy.