Bride laughs as she's supported by a friend while putting on her boots
Bride's daughter helps her with her necklace
Bride lets out a sigh after finishing dressing
Woman puts on makeup while a face in a painting appears to be watching
Bride makes a scrunchy face while applying hairspray
Bride shares a tender moment with her mother before the ceremony
Bride walks down a hallway
Makeup artist helps bride with her lipstick
Wide view of the wedding guests, oak trees and rolling foothills and brown grasses
Bride walks down stairs towards her wedding
Bride and her father walk carefully down the stairs prior to the wedding ceremony
Boy leans to see down the crowded aisle
Bride and her parents walk down the aisle
Bride smiles and watches her bride walk down the aisle
Hugs between the brides and parents at the start of a wedding cermeony
Woman takes her bride's hand and leads her up to the altar
Brides and wedding guests during the ceremony under a large oak tree
Both brides laugh in reaction to the ministers comments
Brides hold hands as a reader reads the text of the Supreme Court Marriage Equality decision
Brides hold hands as a reader reads the text of the Supreme Court Marriage Equality decision
All smiles between the brides during a same sex wedding ceremony
Wide shot of the wedding ceremony set in the rolling hills under a large oak tree
Bride kneels while saying vows to her soon to be wife's son and daughter
Brides say their vows
Bride wipes away a tear as her new wife says her vows
Moment between two brides laughing during a wedding
Bride saying her vows as her daughter looks on
Brides say vows as their guests watch
Bride takes her ring from her daughter
Bride places the ring on her bride's finger
Bride's first kiss
Bride pinches her wife's cheek after their first kiss
Brides laugh as they follow the band in the second line after the ceremony
Brides and the second line parade make their way over a bridge
intimate portrait of two brides
Bride kisses her wife on the cheek in a cactus garden
Two brides and a large oak in a portrait
wide view of a wedding reception among large oaks with a vintage red pickup
Two brides jubilantly enter their reception
mass of guests with cell phones crowding around to take pictures of the couple
Bride reacts to her daughter's wedding toast
Brides laugh and react during the wedding toasts
Brides laugh and react during the wedding toasts
Brides laugh and react during the wedding toasts
Brides laugh and react during the wedding toasts
Bride's kiss during the wedding toasts
Bride give speech at her wedding and her wife laughs in reaction
Bride looks adoringly at her new wife during the wedding speeches
Bride dances with her daughter at a wedding reception
Bride embraces her son on the dance floor during the wedding reception
Detail of Robin's Get Equal Pub sign at the wedding reception
Crazy cake cutting with two brides and two children
Bride removes the garter from her wife's leg
Brides throw the garter and bouquet at the same time during the wedding reception
Selfie taking among wedding guests
Bride dances with her son during the wedding reception
Bride dances with her sone during the wedding reception
Wedding guests dancing during a wedding reception with colorful DJ lights
Bride dances with her new step son during the wedding reception

This wedding was one of the most significant weddings I’ve photographed in my career, not only for myself, but for what it represented to Robin and Karen and so many others who have fought for marriage equality over the years. For me it was the first time I had the opportunity to photograph a same sex wedding, but truthfully that wasn’t all that big of a deal – I photograph relationships, moments, love and it doesn’t really matter who’s on the other end of my camera. Far more significantly this wedding was something of a “royal” wedding. Robin is one of the founding members of Get Equal and has devoted her life to fighting for equal rights for the LGBTQ community. This wedding also took place on June 27, 2015 – the day after the Supreme Court finally ruled, for once and for all, that marriage was a constitutionally protected right for everyone, including same-sex couples. To say that the several hundred guests in attendance were beyond jubilant would be a gross understatement. I am honored that Robin and Karen chose me to document the day and I hope you enjoy great moments – Robin and her mother, the struggle and lean to see Robin coming down the aisle, the second line parade after the ceremony, the exuberant dance party, and everything in between.