I gotta love a May that sends me to Yosemite National Park TWICE for weddings. The first was an amazing day, and Sarah and Edward’s wedding didn’t disappoint either. After several straight days of rain – and more rain in the forecast for the wedding day – remarkably the clouds parted and didn’t drop more than the tiniest of a sprinkle at any point during the day. Sarah was total trooper marching around the park, unafraid of a little dirt, in the quest for some amazing portraits. Sarah and Edward were married on the Wedding Lawn and the historic Ahwahnee Hotel in Yosemite Valley following an afternoon roaming Cook’s Meadow, El Capitan Meadow, and the Yosemite Falls trails for their portrait session. Their reception followed the ceremony in the Solarium inside the Ahwahnee with dancing following in the Winter Club Room. Below are a few of my favorites from the day…Enjoy!

PS:  Yes, that’s a bear.  I went outside at dusk to get a shot or two of the Ahwahnee (see the last image as well as the vertical showing the solarium and the sunset image of Half Dome).  I took the first image and noticed through the trees that the sunset was hitting Half Dome.  So I started to walk across the meadow to find a better angle through the trees, looking at the LCD on the back of my camera as I walked.  I look up after a few steps and just a few yards in front of me was a huge bear!  For a moment I just froze, looking at him, looking at me.  Then he walked off and headed towards the trees at the far end of the meadow.  It was at that moment that I realized, DUH!, I have a camera so I fired off a quick couple of shots and then headed out to take the shot of Half Dome as I intended.