Meghan and Kenan | Tenaya Lodge Wedding | Fish Camp, CA

So snow certainly isn't unheard of in late April, but when the Sierra is in a prolonged drought, you certainly don't expect a storm to roll in and dump a foot of new snow, even in the mountains. Fortunately it came through the day before the wedding and they were able to clear the deck so Meghan and Kenan's outdoor wedding could go off as planned. It did change the portrait plans a bit since no one was really prepared to go trekking through the new snow, so I had the unique challenge to use little pockets of light inside the lodge for the couple's portrait session. The results are some images that I really love, and are very different

Kate and Chris | Tenaya Lodge Wedding | Fish Camp, CA

Kate and Chris were married just a few weeks ago in the vastly cooler climate of the Tenaya Lodge. You've got to love any opportunity to get out of the valley and enjoy some nicer weather! Kate wore a unique dress with navy blue accents to compliment Chris' dress blues - both are in the Army and wear that distinction with pride. It was also an opportunity to see one of my couples from last year, Chris' sister and her husband - Rachel and James. I'm honored to have the opportunity to photograph two weddings in this family and hope there's more to come! Enjoy a few of my favorites!

Stacy and Adam | Winter Wedding from the Tenaya Lodge | Fish Camp, CA

Take a look at a few of my favorites from my first wedding of the season.  This time it's Stacy and Adam's turn up on the site and their beautiful wedding up at the Tenaya Lodge.  It was an absolutely beautiful setting with the snow covered surroundings, a warm fire blazing in the stone fireplace, and huge guest list full of those closest to Stacy and Adam.  Enjoy the slideshow!

Allison and Sepehr | Tenaya Lodge Wedding | Fish Camp, CA

Allison and Sepehr were married in early October on one of the strangest weather days I've ever experienced. We started under blue skies with the most beautiful scattered clouds followed by a huge thunderstorm that arrived just before the ceremony. Thankfully the ceremony was in a sheltered area and we got most of the photography done before the storms hit. As a bonus, the sky was really cool when we went outside to do a couple portraits after the rain moved on. Check out a few of my favorites from the day...