Helen and Nate | Majestic Yosemite Hotel Wedding | Yosemite National Park

I never tire of visiting Yosemite, it's the most incredible landscape on earth and I'm beyond fortunate to live close enough to work there on a regular basis. Throw in an expressive, warm couple and a day couldn't be better. I spent a good portion of the day, really almost all of it, laughing into the back of my camera. Every family member, every friend was truly engaged and present with Helen and Nate and it readily shows in the pictures. So much love, so much laughter at every turn. Helen and Nate spend most of their free time climbing together, and while I'm not a climber, spending the day with people that have a love of Yosemite that matches

Eunice and Chris | Paradise Springs Wedding | Oakhurst, CA

This wedding was touch and go for a bit - the Railroad Fire was bearing down on Paradise Springs for the better part of a month, but thanks to the amazing work by the firefighters, the venue was safe and Eunice and Chris had one hell of a wedding. Every wedding has moments, expressive people, beautiful surroundings, but I've rarely met a group of people so in tune to each other. It was a real treat to spend the day with everyone here - there were so many hugs, I truly felt I was among "my people" all day. Not even a 2 or so hour delay with the makeup could ruin the experience, and if you're a glass-half-full kind

Whitney and Connor | Moravia Wines Wedding | Fresno, CA

A couple weeks ago, for the first time, I had the opportunity to photograph a wedding at Moravia Wines. I've had, *ahem* plenty, of opportunities to spend some quality wine drinking and hanging out time at the winery, so I was excited for this one! To top things off, I got to reconnect with a family that I hadn't seen in several years. I photographed Connor's brother's wedding 9 years ago when I was still getting started at this career. THEN, on top of all that, my super-amazing-hot wife was a guest at this wedding - she's worked with Connor for a few years now. Enjoy a few of my favorites! FEATURED WEDDINGS

Kristi and Brian | Tuolumne Meadows Elopement | Yosemite National Park

Kristi and Brian came to Yosemite all the way from Milwaukee and landed right in the middle of one of the most spectacularly beautiful days I've seen in the park. The clouds, sky, river, everything was amazing. They traveled with two couples as witnesses to their elopement and had their intimate ceremony in the middle of the otherwise deserted Tuolumne Meadows. This was definitely one of the more magical days I've had as a wedding photographer. Enjoy.

Hayley and Jay | Copper River Country Club Wedding | Fresno, CA

What started out looking like a rainy day, ended up being a gorgeous day at Copper River Country Club. Hayley was looking amazing in her custom dress and Jay was looking dapper. So many beautiful details and emotional moments all around, all day. To finish it all off was a wild dance floor and live band to bring it all home. The lighting from the stage was some of the funnest light I've had to work with - I loved playing with it and the added dimension to the dance party! Enjoy a few of my favorites from the day. FEATURED WEDDINGS

Jordan and Nick | Ranch Engagement Session | Los Banos, CA

I travel a lot around the country and invariably meet new people who ask where I’m from. When I tell them California, their eyes glaze over and I can see the images of oceans and beaches, and mountains and trees that flash across their minds. I stop them and try to explain, that no, where I’m from is actually more like Texas than whatever they’re imagining right now but they never seem to quite believe me. California’s a big state, and in the middle of it is the biggest bit of farmland around and this post is for all those people that think it’s all beaches, tans, trees, and tech. I’ve photographed several weddings in Nick’s family, with a couple more coming up

Melissa and Greg | Beetle Rock Wedding | Sequoia National Park

Melissa and Greg's wedding will definitely be a highlight of my year when I look back to all the new places I was able to shoot. This marks my first wedding in Sequoia National Park and I couldn't have asked for a better couple to experience it with. We were met with a stunningly beautiful day, and even though it was a special day in the park, crowds were light and we were nearly alone with the 20 or so guests in attendance. After a beautiful afternoon with their ceremony on Beetle Rock overlooking the Sierra foothills and Central Valley in the distance, we headed down to Three Rivers for their reception at an amazing jewel of a home set alongside

Meghan and Kenan | Tenaya Lodge Wedding | Fish Camp, CA

So snow certainly isn't unheard of in late April, but when the Sierra is in a prolonged drought, you certainly don't expect a storm to roll in and dump a foot of new snow, even in the mountains. Fortunately it came through the day before the wedding and they were able to clear the deck so Meghan and Kenan's outdoor wedding could go off as planned. It did change the portrait plans a bit since no one was really prepared to go trekking through the new snow, so I had the unique challenge to use little pockets of light inside the lodge for the couple's portrait session. The results are some images that I really love, and are very different